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20 Tech Related Dad Jokes to Make You Smile

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20 Tech Related Dad Jokes to Make You Smile

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Louëlla Creemers
·Apr 14, 2022·

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Hey Hashnode!

I've been sharing dad jokes related to coding, computers or anything else tech for almost a year now. Some of these I found on Google, others I found on r/ProgrammingDadJokes on Reddit, and some I came up with myself. Feel free to use jokes in this list for meetings, stand-ups and/or on social media 😁

  1. What do you call a computer that sings? A-dell

  2. Why did the developer cross the road? to git to the other side

  3. What's a Jedi's favorite programming language? JabbaScript

  4. What is a Spanish developer's favorite programming language? Si++

  5. What kind of hotel room did the JavaScript developer request? One with a Vue

  6. Where did the API eat dinner? At the RESTaurant

  7. Two functions were fighting today... because they had arguments

  8. Hey you, are you a object-oriented programming language? Because you've got class

  9. Why were A and B sad? Because they couldn't cd

  10. I don't like computer related jokes at all. Not one bit.

  11. Why do the X-Men hate functional programming? No mutation allowed

  12. I saw a great documentary about databases today. I'm excited about the SQL

  13. Why did the bad developer say when they got fired? "No comment."

  14. Sometimes I talk to myself because I need expert advice.

  15. Why did the computer keep sneezing? Because it has a virus.

  16. What are American developers scared of? ParaMETERS

  17. I am declaring war... var war;

  18. What does a computer order to get drunk? Screen-shots

  19. Why did the developer quit their job? They didn't get arrays

  20. Why do Java developers wear glasses? Because they don't C#

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